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rakedovercoals's Journal

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I am:

- a singer
- a lover
- a laugher
- comedic
- a lover of children
- a writer
- a feminist
- a lover of music
- bipolar
- eating-disordered
- low-vision
- anxious
- a fighter
- birth-injured
- compassionate
- affectionate.

To sum it up,
I am one in a trillion. ♥

affection, alanis morissette, amy winehouse, ana mia, androgyny, angelina jolie, anything a capella, anything acoustic, art, artsyfucks, asl, autobiographies, bette & jodi, bette midler, boystown, buddhism, canada, canadian chick singers, catholic girls gone bad, cher, chicago, chuck taylors, classical music, coffee, comedians, comediennes, comedy, criminology, cultures, cyndi lauper, céline dion, daydreaming, deaf culture, dieting, digital photography, drag queens, ed, ellen degeneres, eve ensler, fasting, fat blockers, feminism, foxfire, frank sinatra, fucking shit up, g.r.i.t.s., gay rights, german, germany, girls with guitars, glbt, gloria steinem, hagging fags, imogen heap, ireland, jodi & bette, john mayer, julie andrews, juliette & the licks, karen walker, kathy griffin, kathy griffin specials, kathy-griffin:-my-life-on-the-d-list, kelly clarkson, kids, klonopin, kt tunstall, languages, laxatives, lisa williams, lmn, loud-mouthed broads, mae west, maggie smith, making peoople laugh (hard), margaret cho, marlee matlin, mary tyler moore, medical science, megan mullally, melissa etheridge, menthols, michael bublé, music, my youtube addiction, nana mouskouri, neopaganism, old jewish women, old southern belles, p!nk, pat benatar, photography, piercings, pills, polytheism, postsecret, prey (the show), psychology, psychoses, queen latifah, queers, rain, razorblades, reba mcentire, rosa blasi, rosie o'donnell, sacrilege, sandra bernhard, scars, sharon osbourne, si, silence, silver, singing, singing my lungs out, standup comedy, strong medicine, tapeworms, tattoos, the l word, the old madonna, the old mariah carey, the old whitney houston, the simpsons, tru calling, v-day, vagina monologues, vicki lawrence, weeds, whoopi goldberg, will & grace, women in comedy, women in politics, women's causes, women's issues, women's rights