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August 20th, 2008

09:02 pm: Sick.
I have seen my share of doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors, and have eaten more than my share of psycho-related drugs, prescribed, and I came to the conclusion years ago that these people's "profession" was a cosmic joke, and so were all of them. When you are so over-medicated that you are made to go home from work because you keep falling down, and you get to where it takes a minute to process what was said when you're spoken to, and you go to your shrink and tell them what was going on and ask "Could this be due to all of my medications?" and you are repeatedly assured that it is not, and could not be, and you go to your primary care physician, who observes you, then gets you a hurried appointment with a neurologist, you go  to said neurologist, who walks in the room, only visually looks at you, and immediately  says "My god, what all are you on and who put you on it?" You know there's a problem.

But magically, when you stop eating these pills, these troublesome symptoms completely disappear! No, it COULD NOT be from the drugs. No.

I was on one of my favorite websites tonight looking for something to watch. I decided again that I was in the mood for a documentary, so I go to that section and come across Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death. This happened to be divided on the site in, I think, six parts. Well, I almost finished up to the entire second part before I had to x it out because I thought I was going to be physically ill. You would not believe the past "practices", as well as the current ones, and what goes on behind closed doors. Especially those of inpatient psychiatric facilities. If you or a loved one are under psychiatric care, and especially if you're questioning its validity, effectiveness, or its balance of harm and good, I recommend that you click the link and watch (or at least *attempt* to watch) this documentary.

Also, I am not saying that all of these drugs are bad or that they don't help. I am just saying to be educated, be your own advocate, and trust your gut. Don't think that your mental health professional knows more than you simply because they have a certificate, and do not be afraid to challenge them if you feel the need. You know your body and brain better than any psychiatrist/psychologist. So if you smell a rat, eliminate it.

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